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Beijing  Beer Link  Culture Development Co., Ltd. is a brewing beer culture and technology research and promotion of third-party service agencies

Beer Link is committed to building China's brewing beer industry-wide industry chain service platform, with industry-leading technology research and development strength and well-known industry media.With their own strength and platform resources to help beer-related enterprises to improve their own production quality, establish high-quality brand, and hatch related to emerging industries and enterprises.

Beer Link Technology Center has dozens of domestic beer professional and technical personnel and national beer judges; national, provincial laboratory and engineering technology center; advanced beer flavor material chromatography analyzer and physical and chemical health analyzer and other testing equipment; Beer and Ale and Lager Yeast Preservation Seed Bank, Technology Center is committed to building the core of the technological innovation system, including the design of the diversity of beer flavor recipe design, equipment, electrical intelligent control design, multi-species processing and identification of raw materials, yeast screening And identification, microbial rapid detection and identification, flavor map detection.

Beer Link Media Center has professional journals, portals, mobile new media, exhibition events and other media forms and promotion of the scene。媒体中心出版的《BEER LINK》It is a professional quarterly magazine of fine brewing beer, breaking through 15000 precision professional readers, including brewery brewery, equipment and raw material suppliers, provincial brewing beer association, bar and restaurant chain, related professional research institutes, foreign embassies and consulates The

Beer Link and Dumens Asian Beer College, Qilu University of Technology, Nuremberg (Shanghai) Exhibition Company, etc. Advantages Resources School enterprises to establish strategic cooperative relations, the output of outstanding human resources and high-tech research results, build talent training and practice platform, And co-founded with the Nuremberg exhibition company“China International Brewing Beer Technology Conference & Exhibition(CBCE)”。

And the well-known domestic brewed beer leading brand:Yanjing Beer (Guilin Liquan), Shanghai Leibao, Shanghai BREWRY, Beijing Youhang, Wenzhou Lanwei Shi, Shandong Xin Bach, Heze Ju Xinyuan, Henan Zhongwo Group, Laizhou Silver Star, such as the establishment of good technical cooperation and Service relations, with the United States BA Association, the American Hops Association, the United States Beer World Cup Organizing Committee, the German European Cup beer contest Organizing Committee, the Belgian Brussels International Brewery Challenge Organizing CommitteeAnd so on to carry out in-depth international cooperation.

Beer Link has always set up a platform for the integration of fine brewing beer in the vertical field. It is the vigorous and healthy development of the brewing beer industry in China. It has made great efforts to improve the overall efficiency and quality of the domestic brewing beer industry.

About Us
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